Behind The Lens



5x7 gelter_extended2012_22

I have been taking photos ever since I can remember. I used to take my mom’s point & shoot film camera, dress my little sister’s up & parade them around the house – posing them, telling them how to look & snapping photos. I am sure my Mother is grateful for the dozens of rolls of film I used up without her permission. Photography has always been a passion of mine. Despite my ever-changing mind during my teenage years of what I wanted to be when I grew up – Photographer was always on my list. After my husband Tyler & I got married, I decided to pursue a dream of owning my own photography business. I offered an array of different services & had a blast. After we decided to start our family & I had my little girl, Whitley in June of 2012, I decided to dedicate myself solely to Wedding Photography.

So why did I choose wedding photography?

The emotion, the memories, the importance, the friendships, the happiness, the beauty, the craziness, the stress, the details, the love, the smiles, the laughter, the kisses, the together-ness, the dress, the look, the father of the bride, the rings, the food, the shoes, the moments, the tears, the veil, the flowers, the excitement, the hugs, the cake, the guests, the LOVE.

It is the most important day of your lives, I cannot wait to help you create memories to last forever.



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